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In other news Nat played Proof of My Love and I cried.

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I know this is selfish and probably really cruel but I hope the boys go on tour soon because I’m getting sick of the same people getting to see them in NYC. I know it’s not their fault and if I lived in the city you can guarantee I’d be there every time too but seriously, their only fans aren’t in the NYC area.

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Nat is officially playing the lead role in 'Paper Towns'

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So apparently Paper Towns is getting a movie. Also apparently Nat is also in that one.

Qaasim this is truth or dare not the dating game.

No way in hell “Little” Grace was actually 12. No way in hell.

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So I’m watching Polar Bears, okay? And I’ve always found it so coincidental how at the very beginning when they’re reading that magazine about Nat slurping his soup THERES A BOWL OF SOUP SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF NAT SO HE CAN COINCIDENTALLY DEMONSTRATE HOW HE DOES INDEED SLURP HIS SOUP. Wow, so many coincidences, I’ll tell ya.

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I accidentally left again.

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