But regardless how has everyone been? I miss you guys a lot, so feel free to message me on my other blog (julyninths) or even this one; I’ll try to check it in the next few days. I know some of you even have my phone number, skype, twitter, and all that so basically contact me anywhere.

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I miss this blog but it’s one of those things where it’s impossible for me to ever become active again because things just aren’t the same and it hurts me.

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Before opening day and after opening day.

Nat did pretty good tbh but the whole time I just kept wanting to scream YAS THATS MAH BABY.

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The Fault in Our Stars. No words. Except I haven’t stopped crying.

Whoever started #AllieAsMargo needs to rethink their life.

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Why do people suddenly adore Nat? Like he was a better celebrity at the age of twelve.

What is your face doing?

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Forever the most awkward poser.

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Is anyone else watching the google hangout thing?

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